What a Great TweetUp!

Thanks for coming everyone! It was just an awesome time and just a great group of people all in one place. We just finished going through all the photos from the Photobooth and all the photos that have been sent to us for posting on the TweetUpLA Flickr account. Have a look, it shows alot of people having a really good time.

We want to thank everyone who attended from the local area and everyone who came across the country and across the state. @yvonner, @wiggly_lisa, @williamrozner, @ibterri, @brooklynbeast, @janetbarnett, @gregbarnett, @blahspam, @demca, @illuminato, @quernzy, @slackmistress, @betheboy, @glennbirkemeier, @jplummer, @rissadee, @scarab, @jacklhasa, @tofu916, @treo700, @moneke, @scandalous, @richandcreamy, @docwho76, @theletterkae, @drumgit, @romie, @CJ_Pxels and @ninjatree.

Just talking to everyone after the TweetUp, sounds like when we have the next one, we won’t have a problem filling up the studio again!

See you on Twitter

@gregbarnett and @demca

@gregbarnett and @Demca

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