Tweetup tonight

Hey Everyone!

We’re having a little Tweetup at the Studio tonight at 8pm. This is a warm up to the TweetupLA we are planning in May.

TweetUpLA at Rock’n Motion

8pm – Wednesday Night – April 8th
5530 Corbin Avenue, Suite 140
Tarzana, CA 91356

Park Underground, try the elevator, but if it isn’t working use the parking lots stairs
If you haven’t RSVPed,
Please RSVP me at thestudiobar(at) if you are planning on coming.
Thank you!

Greg & Janet

$10 donation towards beer and wine

NOTE: The New TweetupLA shirts will be ready for the next Tweetup

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Good morning TweetUpLA

It has been way too long since my last post. But now its the new year and we need to get a TweetUpLA planned and more of them. We are looking at two dates in February, the 21st and 28th, both are Saturdays. I will get a date posted as soon as possible, because I know for a lot of you that came last year had some traveling involved.

In the mean time I did start the new shirt design.

Turned out pretty cool!

Will have more info regarding shirts soon.

Any comments regarding  the 21st versus the 28th of February?

So  stay tuned!

January 17, 2009   6 Comments

Usual Suspects help Open
Blue Palms Brewhouse

A few days ago I received an email from Urban Daddy letting me know what was happening in L.A. Night life this month and made mention of a new Ale House opening in Hollywood called Blue Palms Brewhouse located within the Henry Fonda Theatre. I called that day and asked if we needed reservations and was told that it was the soft opening that night, asked who it was and it just so happened to be the Owner Brian Lenzo. I said, “congratulations and we will see you down there“.When we arrived, we of course were the first ones there and as usual @williamrozner and I were Customer #1 and Customer #2 and enjoyed the first draft ever of Stone Brewing Co. Vertical Epic Ale 08.08.08. (Its so funny how many times thats happened to Mr. Rozner and I) The Brewhouse has 24 Beers on Tap including one Guest Cask Tap, and that night they had Firestone’s new Union Jack IPA on cask. It was really good!

While sitting at the bar, we met all the staff, tried a few tastes and met Gabriel the Owner/Chef of Beachwood BBQ who designed the menu for his good friend Brian. Really nice guy and definitely a place I want to go down and visit. The food was really good, started out with their Buffalo Chicken Dip with chips, which I think was gone in sixty seconds it was really, really good and then ordered the Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Brewhouse Burger. Food was outstanding! Great Job Gabriel.

I have to say Blue Palms Brewhouse is a great place to get together with your friends and we definitely managed well with the Usual Suspects of TweetUpLA. @Scandalous, @Tofu916, @BentoBoxx, @Illuminato, @Blahspam, @RissaDee, @BetheBoy, @Slackmistress, @TheBursar, @WilliamRozner and of course myself @GregBarnett all made it that night and had a great time and proved that we are definitely ready for the next TweetUpLA.*cheers* everybody and thanks for coming and meeting us!

Blue Palms Brewhouse is located at 6124 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood California (323)464-2337The Blue Palms Brewhouse is conveniently located next to the Hollywood and Vine Metro Station and just a half block away. I definitely recommend taking the train, its easy and you don’t have to park.

August 9, 2008   3 Comments

TweetUpLA planning in the Works

Over the last few days the subject has come up of When’s the next TweetUpLA? The DM’s, IM’s, Text and @’s have been plentiful. And I decided we needed to get a post in and get a discussion going. We did that last time and it worked out well. October came up when talking to@BrooklynBeast because he is planning on flying out late October, so I started saying… hey what about late October? And then I thought well how about late September, cuz we got some “No Costumes” responses *heh*

So as they say… Let the Discussion begin!

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BetheMarriage Live on Ice – Now on USTREAM.TV

For those of you who don’t follow @betheboy and @slackmistress on Twitter… you should! And now you can catch them every Saturday night 8PM on USTREAM.TV

Free TV Show from UstreamA Night of Cocktails, Hilarious Q & A and What has happened This Week on Twitter and much, much more!

Will was so good to do a quick recap on last nights show on his Blog “”, which unfortunately I was unable to view last night. Sorry Guys, next week for sure! and Thanks for the Pimping of TweetUpLA. Now I’m going to pour myself a drink after watching the Show *lol*

Here is the breakdown by Will

“Because we know you’re busy and may not have time to watch the entire show, here is a list of highlights from last night, the highlights are listed chronologically with their approximate start and end times so you can scan the video as you see fit.” – Will

  1. Photo montage and introductions followed by the pimping of the products: Starts at 0:00 ends at the 4:00 minute mark.
  2. Dressing up for the chat/long sleeves please: 5:00-8:00 min.
  3. Slackmistress and Justin Timberlake: 28:30-31:00 min.
  4. Slackmistress on getting naked with the boss: 33:00-34:00 min.
  5. BetheBoy goes to tit city: 53:00-55:00 min.
  6. BetheBoy and the Juice Bar 58:00-59:00 min.
  7. Slackmistrss and BetheBoy give marriage advice: starts at 1hr. 26 min, mark
  8. The Slackmisress breaks out my Long Island accent starts at 1 hr. 48 min. mark
  9. Wrap up and goodnight: starts at 1 hr. 54 min.

So Don’t miss next weeks show!

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TweetUpLA Shirts

Hey Tweople!

For those of you who may have not been able to make it or desire an additional shirt, we do have a few XL’s left. Let me know. -  thestudiobar [at]

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What a Great TweetUp!

Thanks for coming everyone! It was just an awesome time and just a great group of people all in one place. We just finished going through all the photos from the Photobooth and all the photos that have been sent to us for posting on the TweetUpLA Flickr account. Have a look, it shows alot of people having a really good time.

We want to thank everyone who attended from the local area and everyone who came across the country and across the state. @yvonner, @wiggly_lisa, @williamrozner, @ibterri, @brooklynbeast, @janetbarnett, @gregbarnett, @blahspam, @demca, @illuminato, @quernzy, @slackmistress, @betheboy, @glennbirkemeier, @jplummer, @rissadee, @scarab, @jacklhasa, @tofu916, @treo700, @moneke, @scandalous, @richandcreamy, @docwho76, @theletterkae, @drumgit, @romie, @CJ_Pxels and @ninjatree.

Just talking to everyone after the TweetUp, sounds like when we have the next one, we won’t have a problem filling up the studio again!

See you on Twitter

@gregbarnett and @demca

@gregbarnett and @Demca

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TweetUpLA Party Video

June 4, 2008   1 Comment

Just in case…

TweetUpLA at Rock’n Motion
7pm – Saturday Night – May 31st
5530 Corbin Avenue, Suite 140
Tarzana, CA 91356
Park Underground, try the elevator, but if it isn’t working use the parking lots stairs
If you haven’t RSVP’d,
please call to see if we still have room
Thank you!

$20ea includes TweetUpLA shirt & stuff :)

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Who’s coming?

Thank you everyone who has RSVP’d so far.

If you look to the left you will see a list of everyone who has RSVP’d. As you know planning a party is alot of work and mystery guests are hard to plan for.

So please email me at thestudiobar [at] or DM me or call me. To let us know you are planning to come.

Thank you! – @gregbarnett and @demca 91356

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